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Welcome to our Help Centre; designed to provide some useful free documents and information which we hope you will find handy whether you are just starting out on your new venture or you are an established business. If you feel you might benefit from an independent review, details of our low cost Appraisals are also included below.

Build a Business Plan

If you need to produce a business plan for either raising funding or to support a grant or bank finance application, we can help.

EnterpriseFirst has its own cloud tools which make this entire process as simple as possible. Advisory help is also available on request.

Within EnterpriseFirst, we offer a number of services  for businesses, organisations and individuals who are trying to raise either grant, debt, crowd, angel or equity funding. Our tools can also be used simply to produce a busness case or 5 year plan as part of a growth strategy.

Services available from EnterpriseFirst relating to this include; Smart Planning for Success, Get Investment Ready, Fast Track to Funding and Show Me the Money.

Please contact us using the enquiry form below for further details.

WA Innovation Hub

Launched in November 2016 to serve as an online hub for the Western Australian innovation ecosystem, the WA Innovation Hubt is designed to showcase the journeys of successful innovators, the lessons they learned and the people and services who helped them along their way. It serves as a central hub providing information so that people—whether innovators (new or experienced), investors, supporters and service providers, or customers—can make more informed decisions about the next step of their own innovation journey.

Further details can be found at

Grants and Assistance WA

The Federdal Government has a useful section on their website with a searchable database of grants and available assistance. For example, you can find details of specific grants as applied to certain sectors and areas of interest.

In addition, there are comprehensive details of categorised business services and recruitment support, together with information ranging from science to R&D.

Click here for details

The online and printed business news service from ‘Entrepreneur’ is a useful resource to obtain all of the latest news and features from the world of entrepreneurship globally.

The site is updated daily with articles and video content and can be a good platform to research information, either for your new business idea or for your established enterprise.

Take a look here:

Project Connect

ProjectConnect is an online service designed to list project opportunities and to connect Australian businesses together to find industry suppliers or identify new business opportunities.

ProjectConnect allows businesses of all sizes to become involved in major project work, from prime contractors to small subcontractors.

By publishing contact details of companies that have been awarded work on projects, we enable all businesses to build new relationships and networks throughout industry.

ProjectConnect is free, so there is no charge for businesses to create a company profile, register interest in project opportunities and access contact information of contract winners.

For further details please visit:

Need an unbiased appraisal?

If your business is at the stage where some external and unbiased help might be really useful, our Routine Appraisal service – priced at just $500 – is a great way of kick-starting this process.

Tenders WA

The Tenders WA website contains a range of functions to make the tendering process for WA Government contracts transparent and efficient. It is the central source of information on Western Australian public sector requests and awarded contracts.

Western Australian government departments use this website to advertise their public requests and publish contractual awards, including sole source purchases.

For further details please visit:

Need to raise Bank or Debt Finance?

Get yourself well prepared to make an application for bank or debt finance by choosing our ‘Fast Track to Funding’ service. Full details are on this website. This service is charged at a fixed fee of $2000+GST and is suitable for both Startups and SME’s.

Want to embark on a tailored Growth Program for your business?

‘Grow Moore’, the exclusive and tailored Growth Program from EnterpriseFirst is individually designed around your own business growth plans. Choose from a broad toolkit of help and then choose a budget that suits you either over a 6 monthly or 12 monthly period. We can provide diverse assistance across Marketing, Coaching, I.T. and Financial Projections.

How EnterpriseFirst can help

If your business is at the stage where some external and unbiased help might be really useful, our Routine Appraisal service – priced at just $500+GST – is a great way of kick-starting this process.

Your circumstances might have changed . . . You may be thinking about how you can grow your business . . . You might be facing a challenging trading period . . . Or you simply need to find somebody who has run or operated their own business to come in and provide some sound advice.

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