Reignite My Business

Reignite My Business

We understand that operating a business can be tough, even at the best of times. It’s a common issue for business owners and managers to spend a disproportionate amount of time fire-fighting and plate spinning, simply keeping the wheels of your business in motion.

When do you get a chance to take a step back, take a breath and start assessing where you are at?

Reignite My Business is designed specifically to support you when you may be feeling that everything is moving in a challenging cycle and you really want to try and get ahead.

Your circumstances might have changed . . . You might be facing a challenging trading period . . . or You simply need to find somebody who has run or operated their own business to come in and provide some sound advice as to how you might get past your current situation.

EnterpriseFirst has the right people who can act independently with your best interests at heart.  Some of our experts are drawn from a pool of experienced external people who work closely with us to ensure good client outcomes.  All our experts have built or operated their own business

Reignite My Business gets you quickly into action with two half day sessions over a one month period (or shorter) to produce an initial plan to equip the business with the priority actions and interventions required.

This Reignite Plan is a fixed fee cost of just $1200+GST

To follow on from this, we’ve designed some further keenly priced packages so we can work closely in practical ways with you to help progress your business.

Here are some examples scenarios;

Package 1: (“My business is becoming stagnant”)

Package 2: (“I am concerned that my business may be struggling”)

Package 3: (I’m really concerned about the well-being of my business”)

Pricing for these packages can be negotiated with you and payment plans may be available depending upon circumstances

If you would like a member of the EnterpriseFirst team to help reignite your business, please complete the form below

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