Get Tax Back for R&D

Get Tax Back for R&D

At EnterpriseFirst, we can assist you with all of your Research and Development tax needs. This can be a complex area, so having expert assistance to examine the level of tax incentive for R&D you might be entitled to receive back can be invaluable.

We’ll help explain eligibility for the Federal Government incentive program, details of the tax offset rate, what can be included in an R&D claim and what qualifies for funding both nationally and on a local level.

Your eligibility to claim the R&D tax offset will also depend on where you are conducting your R&D activities and, importantly, what those activities are. Generally, only R&D activities conducted in Australia qualify for the R&D tax back incentive. However, R&D activities conducted overseas also qualify if Innovation Australia makes a finding that your activities meet certain conditions.

Your research and development activities must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the R&D tax incentive: they must be classified as either core R&D activities or supporting R&D activities.

Who can claim? . . . and what can be included?

Who can currently claim

The following R&D entities can claim:

  • A company incorporated in Australia;
  • Overseas company resident in Australia for tax purposes; and
  • Overseas company carrying on a business in Australia through a permanent establishment.
What can be included in an R&D claim?

Eligible expenditure includes:

  • R&D salaries, including on-costs;
  • R&D contractors and consultants;
  • Overheads and indirect expenditure (rent, electricity etc.);
  • Plant leasing costs;
  • R&D trial costs;
  • R&D project administration and travel costs; and
  • R&D direct materials

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